Bacon Biscuit waffle house calories & Price

Bacon Biscuit
Bacon Biscuit

Bacon Biscuit

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Bacon Biscuit

Bacon Biscuit Waffle House Calories for just US$2.85, you’ll savor two slices of Smithfield Bacon, expertly served on a grilled biscuit. But why not elevate your meal further? Add a side of Hashbrowns for +US$3.10, or choose to include an Egg for +US$0.40 or Cheese for +US$0.50. Feeling especially hungry? Double or triple your Hashbrowns for an extra +US$0.50, with various toppings to choose from, including options like Smothered in Onions, Covered in Cheese, or Chunked with Hickory Smoked Ham. With its tempting customization options, the BACON BISCUIT is a delightful breakfast choice at Waffle House.

Price: US$2.85

How many calories Bacon Biscuit from waffle house?

A Bacon Biscuit at Waffle House contains 610 calories.

Is bacon healthy fat?

Yes, bacon contains a significant amount of fat, but about 50% of it is monounsaturated fat, mainly oleic acid, which is the same heart-healthy fatty acid found in olive oil. So, a considerable portion of the fat in bacon is relatively healthy.

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