Hashbrown Bowl Calories & Price

Hashbrown Bowl

Hashbrown Bowl

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Hashbrown Bowl

Hashbrown Bowl Calories priced at just US$8.85 and clocking in at 480 calories, this customizable delight offers a plethora of choices. First, select your preferred protein, from savory options like sausage, bacon, chunked ham, cheesesteak, chicken, or Angus patty. The decision doesn’t end there you can amplify the flavor with an extra dose of bacon for an additional US$2.00 and 90 calories. But that’s not all enhance your hashbrown bowl with extras like eggs, hickory smoked ham, grilled tomatoes, jalapenos, grilled mushrooms, Bert’s chili, or country-sausage gravy, each priced at just US$0.50. Craft your dream breakfast bowl today and savor a personalized morning masterpiece.

US$8.85/480 Calories

Calories 921WeightPercentage
Total Fat60g92%
Saturated Fat22g110%
Trans Fat0 g
Total Carbohydrate63g21%
Dietary Fiber5g20%

Calorie Burn Time

The exact amount of time it takes to burn off 921 calories from a Hashbrown Bowl at Waffle House depends on various factors, including your weight, age, gender, and fitness level. As a general guideline, it would take approximately:

  • Brisk walking: 105 minutes
  • Jogging: 79 minutes
  • Biking: 79 minutes
  • Swimming: 88 minutes
  • Dancing: 88 minutes
  • Strength training: 105 minutes

Please note that these estimates are rough approximations, and individual calorie burn rates may vary. It’s important to consult with a fitness professional for a more personalized assessment.

Hashbrown Bowl Calories Breakdown

  • Fat: 73%
  • Protein: 16%
  • Carbohydrates: 11%
Hashbrown Bowl Calories Breakdown

How many calories in a hash brown bowl from Waffle House?

A Waffle House Hash Brown Bowl contains 921 calories.

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